[UPDATE] Greece: OpenGov@times of crisis

On Thursday 23rd September , the PEP-NET Summit will take place in Hamburg, Germany. PEP-NET, mostly known for its excellent blog on e-democracy, is of course the European network of experts and practitioners in e-participation, supported by the European Commission.

I am honoured to hold one of the four presentation corners that will take place during the summit, under the theme: “Greece: OpenGov@times of crisis”.

As everyone knows, Greece is currently in the middle of a grave economic crisis. What is probably less well known is that we approach the first anniversary of a new effort being made towards open government, promoted as being pivotal towards wider reforms that are being introduced.
Since it is difficult for non-native speakers to follow these efforts, I will briefly present the projects under way, but more importantly, will attempt to assess them and stir a discussion on if, how and to what extent open government & e-participation can be valuable allies in engaging the healthy and productive sectors of society under such extraordinary conditions.

What I find truly symbolic is that the PEP-NET Summit will take place in Dialog im Dunkeln (Dialogue in the Dark), an exciting venue which exhibits a role-reversal experience of everyday situations, led by blind people. This certainly gets you thinking on hints and parallels with the state of things in Open Government today.

So, I am sure we will have some really good discussions in Hamburg this week!

The hashtag for the event will be #pepsum.

Credits: Many thanks to e-trikala for making possible my presence in this event. Photo by Daniel Rose.

[UPDATE]: My presentation at the PEP-NET Summit

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